Report on the Kurdish National Council Visit to Washington

By Azad Jmakari 53 minutes ago

Kurdish National Council delegation in Syria, was holding a series of meetings with government officials

Roudao - Erbil

Kurdish National Council delegation held in Syria, who is currently visiting America, a series of meetings with government officials, and discussed in the meetings of the Syrian regional situation and the situation in general, and what is happening in Kurdistan Syria in particular.

He said the Kurdish National Council delegation said in a statement, seen by Roudao Media Network, that "the delegation of the Kurdish National Council in Syria, which was composed of Messrs. Ibrahim Berro President of the Council and Kamiran Hajo Relations Office official Saamd Hajo member of the Public Relations Office, met on the day 28-2 -2017 congressional Office of Congressman Brad Sherman building officials (D), and then the delegation met with the Kurdistan Regional Representation Office, headed by Ms Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, and the presence of a large number of members of the office. "

The statement added: "The next day 01/03/2017 delegation met with the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Congress is composed of two women Kristen Marquardt (Republic) and Mira Resenk (democratic) On the same day the delegation met also with the military relations and defense in Congress, composed of Mr. Marc Ms. Jennifer Morehouse and cold. "

He pointed out that "the delegation met with the London Centre for Policy and Research in the presence of Gen. Arne Oudinot, and evening the delegation met with Mr. Walid Phares, president Trump adviser to his campaign."

The statement pointed out that "the delegation attended a working dinner organized by the Permanent Mission of Iraq Kurdistan, headed by Ms Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, and the presence of: Eric Brown (Hudson Institute) Umbrian Zaman (from the Monitor newspaper) Aliza Marcus (a writer."

According to the statement, "the most important topics discussed in these meetings, regional situation in Syria and the situation in general, and what is happening in Kurdistan Syria, in particular, was explaining the point of the National Council of the Kurdish view about the solution in Syria and the relationship with the opposition, particularly close to London and reservation Council on this document, and the Council's vision for the future of Syria as a secular democratic federal pluralistic. "

And on the Kurdish issue in Syria, the statement explained, "has focused talk about the importance of the Peshmerga and the need to return to their home as collateral for the future of Kurdistan of Syria, and the right natural for them to return to their homeland to fight terrorism and defend their areas, and to explain the delegation also PYD practices, and what he is doing uniqueness and shed and violations affecting the lives of the people and increase immigration and emptied of its population Kurdistan Syria and poses a serious threat to the demography of Kurdistan. "

According to the statement, "the official authorities that he met the delegation stressed the importance of this visit, especially in these circumstances, and the Kurdish National Council is the closest to them politically, especially in the long term, and that the return of the Peshmerga is a natural right for them private, and that the fight against terrorism a key goal for them, and Ocdo the condemnation of the practices of the Democratic Union Party against the Council and cadres, and showed understanding for the presentation of the Council on their perception of the future of Syria and made clear that the coming stage will witness a change seriously the US position in the region, the delegation will continue in his meetings in the coming days. "