Iraqi aircraft prosecuted Daesh command centers inside Syrian territory

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BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

At a time when Iraqi planes bombed targets inside Syrian territory, was organizing Daesh attacked a border outpost in Trebil, killing 16 members of the Frontier Corps.

And causing the late arrival of reinforcements to the scene of the military barracks near the Jordanian border, and the lack of air cover in the desert territory, to end the Iraqi guards lives within half an hour.

Believes political and tribal forces in Anbar, Salahuddin said the presence of air cover would effectively pre-empt attacks by militants Daesh who usually make the desert a springboard for them.

And implemented a fighter F-16, an Iraqi, is the first strike of its kind targeting Daesh sites in Albu Kamal area in the Syrian Deir al-Zour province, near the Iraqi border.

It is believed that al-Daesh may transfer, after the battle of Mosul, the weight of its military capacity to spend (based), and the regions of eastern Syria near the Iraqi border.

Participated aircraft, received by Iraq recently, about widely for the first time in the liberation of Mosul operations, and less frequently in the liberation of Anbar battles. Iraq was carried out during the past year, limited air strikes in the Upper Euphrates regions, targeted communities and stores of weapons belonging to the organization.

Iraq between the two positions

The prime minister pledged Abadi, on Tuesday, Deal, "the defeat of Judge" organized Daesh, stressing saying "our hand now goes Aldoaash terrorists outside Iraq's borders."

In turn, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari detect Iraq's intention to prosecute Daesh in neighboring countries.

Jaafari said, in answering a question on the Baghdad-Damascus cooperation to defeat Daesh, he said that "Iraq will continue to prosecute terrorists Daesh, and fight them in the territory of any country as long as they pose a threat to Iraq."

The foreign minister stressed that "military operations against Daesh sometimes imposed on Iraqi forces to cross the borders of neighboring countries freely to complete the mission."

He revealed Abadi, last Friday, for giving orders to Iraqi fighters to carry out raids against Daesh targets inside Syrian territory. Before only 3 months, the prime minister and his foreign minister, refused to talk about the expansion of operations outside Iraqi borders.

Ebadi said, the end of 2016, "The presence of citizens or Iraqi armed factions fighting in Syria does not represent the position of the Iraqi government and politics."

The Prime Minister emphasized that "the share of the Iraqi factions popular crowd it respected the law and the Iraqi sovereignty and the neighboring countries and non-interference in their affairs." "I do not want to drown in other regional conflicts, we have tried in Iraq away from the regional and sectarian and ethnic conflict and cooperate with each fight terrorism."

Said Hadi al-Amiri, secretary general of the Badr Organization and a prominent leader of the forces of the crowd, last year, that the "popular crowd received an invitation from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, to enter Syria after the liberation of Iraq from al Daesh."

This position was confirmed by Akram al-Kaabi, Secretary General of the Movement nujaba, several months ago, saying that "it is illogical to fight terrorism in Iraq and leave it in Syria to arrange for their ranks."

The position of the lion

But Hassan sarees, Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Construction, told the (range) yesterday that "strikes inside the Iraqi-Syrian border will not develop more than that."

The area targeted by Iraqi aircraft outside the Syrian government control, areas outside the control of the Assad regime, a vast desert areas.

He says sarees, who leads a faction belonging to the Supreme Council within the popular crowd, "We do not want to serve with those of the Syrian regime strikes. Yes, we want to help, but eastern Syria has become harmful to us and Damascus."

And they turned those areas, which went out of control by the Syrian regime more than three years, into a safe haven for elements and leaders of the organization Daesh fleeing from Iraq and Syria. And turned these areas into strongholds of the organization due to lack of activity to the Western alliance.

But Jihad Brigades and the construction commander confirms by saying "there will be no ground operations or enter the popular crowd or other Iraqi forces more broadly deeply Syrian territory, we do not want to get involved in the affairs of others." The former minister points out that "Iraq is coordinated with the international coalition and Syria before the implementation of the blow."

After Mosul Options

In the meantime, it did not rule out Muwaffaq al-Rubaie, a former adviser for national security, entering the popular crowd into Syrian territory to hunt down the organization Daesh.

He says al-Rubaie, told the (range), "if there were a force to be to do that, it forces the popular crowd," attributing it to the recent "well-trained and have significant experience in the war against Daesh."

The former adviser for national security and diminish the importance of the objection or the acceptance of the international coalition for the participation of the crowd of those battles, stressing that "Iraq will decide that and not a coalition."

It demands Rubaie 0.3 years ago, according to previous statements Video clips posted on social networking sites, to enter Syria to hunt down Daesh.

He sees deputy state law that "Iraq is faced with two choices, either to leave Daesh back again after his escape to Syria, or fighting organization there, and we chose it."

On seeing the new US administration of the situation in Syria. Rubaie says that "the new US President Trump policy that includes leaving Syria to Russia and assisted Iraq."

And it announced the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), on Tuesday, she handed over US President Donald Trump's plan to eliminate Daesh. The US president has signed, on January 28 last, the US government is required to develop a plan within 30 days to eliminate the organization Daesh.

The Pentagon announced supply Iraq with intelligence information to carry out air raids inside Syrian territory on the sites to organize "Daesh."

Asked about knowledge of Washington and the Iraqi strikes, Pentagon spokesman Geoff Davis, on Friday evening, "Yes, we were aware of it .. and we have supported the information."

Green light

In turn confirms MP Abdul Aziz Hassan, a member of the parliamentary security committee, said that "the recent Iraqi raid came on according to information received by the government from the joint operations room, which includes Iraqis and Western military leaders."

He said a member of the security committee, told the (range), that "the strikes carried out a green light from the international coalition tacit consent of Syria, relying on an earlier agreement to exchange information between the two countries."

And refers MP from Mosul that "Iraq gets extra intelligence from Saudi Arabia, which has decided to cooperate with us in the fight against terrorism."

The final blow against the military planning of the planning centers.

MP says Abdulaziz Hassan said that "Daesh transfer of all planning and training centers to the area between the existing and areas of Syria near the Iraqi border," stressing that "Daesh is busy defending himself in Mosul, and the transfer of all its weight to areas outside of Nineveh."

In the same vein, Naim al-Gaood, a member of the Anbar province, says that "Iraq is implemented months ago, accurate air strikes across the new F16 aircraft and fly the international coalition, in Qaim." Confirms Gaood, who led a group of local fighters in Hit, (range) over the phone, "The strikes have intensified over the past year with the arrival of new aircraft," he said, adding that "the strikes were very important, and targeted the leaders in the organization in addition to hardware stores ".