Financial operations of the Central Bank of the economy News: window sell the currency does not deal with people


Economy News / Baghdad ...

The Director General of the Department of financial operations at the central bank Alaracay Mahmoud Dagher, to sell the currency window does not deal with people, stressing that the central bank took control on inflation.

Said Dagher in an interview for "Economy News", the sale of foreign currency, of course window is to conduct my time due to the adoption of Iraq on a single supplier to enter the hard currency the dollar into Iraq from oil sales, and the central bank is working on this basis for the Horn demands of customers of the dollar.

Dagher and between that sell the currency at the central bank window does not deal with people, but with the institutions licensed by the Bank in accordance with the mechanisms and control of severe, indicating that the window today operates under a new system in turn helped to reduce the sale price of the dollar against the dollar.

He added that the Bank has developed standards for banks that enter into currency window and on this basis will meet the demands of the dollar is a global standards operate solid banks.