Iraqi Forces Arrest 7 IS Leaders in Central Mosul

Iraqi troops started pushing into al-Mansour district south of Mosul

- 15:16

MOSUL Iraqi forces engaged in the offensive of Mosul stormed al-Mansour district, south of Mosul, and arrested several Islamic State (IS) commanders on Wednesday.

Ahmed Faris, an officer from the Iraqi Federal Police, told BasNews "the security forces were able to push into the al-Mansur area, which is considered a major stronghold of IS in south of Mosul."

He added that "military intelligence also arrested seven of IS leaders in al-Tairan area in central Mosul."

Elsewhere in Mosul, the Iraqi forces managed early on Wednesday to recapture al-Jamhuriyah street and al-Shuhadaa park in the center of Mosul on the west coast.