Trump is heading to exclude Iraq from its decision to ban travel to the United States
US President Donald Trump is heading to remove Iraq from the list of seven states that ban travel of its citizens to the United States under pressure from the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Americas
According to international media, citing US officials, reported identical, Tuesday, February 28, confirms that Trump 's decision expected in the next few days on migration and travel, exclude Iraq from the list of banned countries on its citizens traveling to the United States
The Trump issued a decision immediately after his inauguration travel ban on citizens of Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Libya and Sudan to the United States, confirmed media leaks that "it is expected that the US President issued through Thursday or Friday of this week 's decision executive Second travel ban to the United States after the foiled judiciary the first resolution by issuing numerous provisions to halt or suspend its implementation
the US Secretary of defense, James Mattis, had been asked not to apply it to the CEO Trump who is entering the citizens of seven countries , with the majority of the population of Muslim territory of the United States, some Iraqi citizens groups.
the agency quoted [ Associated Press] for the officials, " the four officials said the decision expected comes after pressure from the ministries of defense foreign affairs " noting that " the two ministries have urged the White House to reconsider the annexation of Iraq to the list because of his leading role in the war on terror Daesh gangs, reported the newspaper "Washington Aksameenar" e, that talk is a private for Iraqi translators working, or were working with US forces in Iraq as well as the pilots of Iraqi air force who come to the United States to be trained on the fighter [F - 16] purchased by Iraq of America .
According to media leaks, the "highlight of Trump 's decision is expected to temporarily halt immigration from Middle Eastern nations seven itself that was on the first list, with the possibility of revising the Status of Iraq being a friendly governments to Washington

She added that it "*will be Green Card holders and owners of dual nationalities exception* *in addition to the lack of Syrian refugees in particular exception* *which means to stop them and include them in the new visa and asylum applications were withdrawn prior visas or asylum claims*