Report: ISIS terror leader admitted defeat in Mosul (again)

After reports of his elimination, ISIS terror leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi broke his silence and called upon the members of his terror group to run and hide in the mountains. At the same time, ISIS is calling for lone wolf terror attacks against Jews.

After many months of intense fighting in Mosul, the Iraqi Army registered an achievement today. ISIS terror leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi turned to the members of his terror group in a speech, where he acknowledged that ISIS was defeated in Mosul.

According to reports in the Arabic language media, Al Baghdadi called upon ISIS members to abandon Mosul and to hide in the mountains surrounding the city. The ISIS terror leader also called upon the members of his group to blow themselves up if they are taken captive. There is not yet an official confirmation for Al Baghdadi’s remarks.

At the end of several weeks, the Iraqi Army has captured other parts of the city. They now control the eastern part of the city and are working in order to capture western Mosul. The Iraqi Army reported that they are a kilometer away from the border of the north-western part of the city.

Meanwhile, ISIS has called upon its supporters to implement terror attacks against Jews. ISIS published video clips suggesting ways to implement lone wolf terror attacks: “If you are found in the West, impersonate a Jew. Go to a Jewish area that is close to you with many weapons in your coat. Release the pain of the Muslims on these monkeys.”

The ISIS message included a list of Jewish centers in Great Britain and a picture of Amedy Coulibaly, the Islamist terrorist who murdered 4 Jews in the Hyper Cacher Grocery Store in France.