Speak dialect Gulf .. the most dangerous gang of the monument Aitihaa "ill-fated" in Baghdad

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[Oan- Baghdad]
for more than two years practicing one of the "most dangerous" gangs fraud operations in Baghdad, and has earned tens of millions of dinars without "batting an eyelid , " or think that her deviant will end her behind bars, to trust its president and its members to " the plot of "their operations and accuracy, but another of its members" ill - fated "swept out in the first operation with him.

I admitted the most serious fraud gangs exciting details of the operations carried out in Baghdad two years ago, according to achieve justice.
He drew the members of this gang to pretend that they are citizens of European currencies with no value in return for large sums Iraq under the pretext that they will be distributed to the displaced and needy families.

And confirms the leader of the gang, one of the heads of precedents, that the use of dialect Gulf is perfectly situated for rhythm victims was the result of a continuous training session after a similar successful operations carried out in Damascus before the outbreak of the Syrian events and return to Iraq.

It quoted an investigating judge Adhamiya Zaid Hazem Osman, as saying that "several reports have reached the court for gang Ahtealha exercised over its claim to be a humanitarian organization and trying to help the displaced and the poor to stir up sympathy victims and gain their trust."

"The way the fraud conducted through foreign currencies cheap or replace old ones Iraqi or US dollar , " stressing that "its members speak fluent Gulf dialects."

He continued that "of currencies , which are being replaced with citizens Belarusian currency without a high material value in the Iraqi market or other markets compared to other currencies."

Osman said that " the most targeted in these scams are elderly, as cheat by claiming that they are intended to help humanitarian organizations, and there is no banking to lift the currency in which they own, and in this form are scam."

And that "these operations are often in the early morning times, and there was no Asirvat has opened yet."

He explained that " the gang at the implementation of the process will be divided into two groups, starting with the person to speak with the victim, who then followed by others as a third party to deal with money as an opportunity that can not be left behind, what drives the victim to the rapid acceptance of that deal , which gives the victim 's possessions from gold and money in exchange for that currency. "

Judge Othman said that " the head of the gang spoke in front of me and a variety of accents , all fully mastered, and admitted that he had been living in other countries and practiced the same types of fraud in those countries."

He completed the "gang of six people, one of whom shall exercise the role of victim Phantom, as well as a taxi driver, and distributed their duties in accordance with the mechanism studied and trained them well."

Osman citizens and carry part of the responsibility, pointing out that "greed and ignorance make them suffer a victim of these acts."

Othman argues that " the gang in their plans to deal seriously with any amount , even if slightly, hoping to convince [Buz] more money."

And Buz] The term release him gang members on the victim, and the use of this word , which is approaching the meaning of [Fool] in Syria.

And tells the judge stated by the president of the gang that " a woman said that in her home 500 thousand dinars , and after that they sent her taxi driver who was among the gang, surprised everyone by bringing 34 million dinars and want to disposal the currencies in which they own."

For his part, Senior Judge Mustafa Sami stressed that " the court has received a complaint about the fifty - two years ago, related to the operations of the monument."

Sami said that "all notifications through similar descriptions for the preparation of the gang members and the types of cars , " noting that "this gang is not alone and there are gangs in other regions using the same methods without the presence of the coordination among them."

He completed that " the complaints that were received by the Adhamiya attached cash paper Court, after addressing the CBI found to be valid currency for the State of Belarus and are still issued by the Central Bank of Belarus, but the amount disbursed is three Iraqi dinars per 100 Belarusian rupees, and there is no bank in Iraq is Ptsrifaa. "

And how the arrest of the gang, the judge said that " the surveillance camera back to shop spotted landmark located on one of the wheels gang, two Type Hyundai Elantra, and the other type [Saipa and both of the taxi."

It was to be "security forces are not able to verify the number of wheels they spotted a distinguishing mark which is well placed behind the image of [Hyundai] was circulated to Adhamiya inspection points."

He cited the "Information has reached that the two - wheeler entered Adhamiya hand cuddle Square and headed to the Sulaikh area, to carry out the later shows that have failed."

Sami said that " the gang pulled off Waziriya and before arriving at Antar Square was arrested when government bank near the checkpoint , " noting that "foreign currencies as well as Iraqi funds have been seized in the possession of the accused."

Sami explained that "gang members confessed to all operations against them, and that Msaolha was imprisoned in 2001 in Iraqi prisons on charges of fraud on the citizens and taking exercise after leaving the profession itself in the Arab countries."

And that " the gang began practicing monument operations in Syria, as the main defendant in the gang may know someone who is Syrian and his knowledge of the Syrian dialect, and to escape together to Latakia to exercise swindling, fraud, and then returned to Iraq and the fact that with a group of persons of his gang."

He completed Sami said , "of the paradoxes of the gang that one of its members had moved to the other ring being Nhsa them every process involving fail, and after moving to the new group have been arrested through his participation in the first operation."