Najaf province police slowed civilians 10 days to hand over their heavy weapons

By Roudao 4 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

Gave the Najaf provincial police command, on Tuesday, residents 10 days to take over heavy and medium weapons to the security centers, warning that it would resort to the application of legal action against violators.

She said the police command, in a statement, said that "the implementation of the order Diwani (issued by the prime minister), and based on what was approved by the Iraqi National Security Council, and on the basis of the provisions of Article 78 of the Iraqi Constitution, in order to achieve security and stability and community peace, decided to hand over all the weapons in the possession of citizens across the province within a maximum period of 10 days. "

She explained that these "weapons include mortars of various kinds, and rocket launchers of various kinds, and various types of heavy weapons non-affiliated security forces legally authorized, and (also) the delivery of weapons and gear that goes into throwing indirect (grenades), except for the security services and joint forces on the battlefield. "

Police called on civilians to "hand over weapons to the headquarters of the province of Najaf Police Directorate, and the headquarters of Manathira Police Directorate, and the headquarters of the Police Directorate of Kufa, the town and the headquarters of the Northern Police Directorate, and the headquarters of the southern town police department."

Police warned that the "offending bear all the legal procedures, based on the provisions of Iraqi law .. and begin security measures under discussion by the county police department, and all the security services, inspections and wide within the geographical area (of the province), after the end of the ten-day period."

Experiencing Iraqi provinces, especially the South, a repeat of clashes between tribes using medium and light weapons, often government is working to unseal through conciliation between the parties.

Iraqi law permits the retention of each Iraqi family with a light weapon after registration with the relevant authorities, but the Iraqis keep under tribal custom a lot of weapons in their homes, including rocket-propelled grenades.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the army command, on February the current 12, the implementation of "inspection campaign and extensive and intensive" in all the cities, especially the capital, Baghdad, to confiscate rocket launchers and weapons mortars, Mmhla to possess these weapons ten days for delivery, otherwise they for "legal consequences".

It came up the day after the shelling of the Green Zone, the center of the capital, which includes headquarters and main government and the parliament building Cabinet and embassies, including the US Embassy, ​​two missiles of the type "Katyusha" were launched from the east of Baghdad, after about two hours of break up a demonstration by supporters of al-Sadr demanded the formation of a new electoral commission (official), before local council elections in April / April next year.