UN: Iraqi forces are carried out to the fullest extent for the Liberation of cities

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said to the United Nations, that the Iraqi forces are carried out to the fullest extent for the Liberation of the cities of Daesh.

According to a Foreign Ministry statement received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, that the minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, "the High Commissioner for Refugees, the UN Filippo Grandi met in Geneva on the sidelines of meetings of the Human Rights Council, and also discussed the humanitarian situation in Iraq, the great victories achieved by Iraqis in their war against Daesh terrorist gangs. "

The statement quoted the Foreign Minister said, "Iraq is in need of the efforts of the United Nations and humanitarian organizations in the fight against terrorism and we still need to expand the work of UNHCR, providing more essential supplies to displaced families," expressing his thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, a difference in Iraq. " .

He noted that "Iraqi forces from the army, the police and the crowd and popular tribal members and the Peshmerga achieved great victories over terrorist Daesh gangs, and it is very keen on the lives of civilians, particularly since Daesh gangs Ttakzhm human shields making the Iraqi forces are making greater sacrifices more blood," pointing out that "the sacrifices of the security forces and supporting the political forces and unity in the face of terrorism and the support of friendly countries and the efforts of humanitarian organizations contributed to the liberation of the Iraqi territory."

Turning to the need for the reconstruction of liberated areas, saying that "the reconstruction of the infrastructure of cities is very important for the return of displaced people to their home areas they need hospitals and schools that rely on the people of the cities in the rebuilt is the fastest way to achieve it," he said. "There is a need for more support in the the issue of demining of the areas that Fajchtha Daesh terrorist gangs ", inviting the High Commissioner to visit Iraq again.

For his part, the High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations, expressed "happiness Iraqis efforts and victory in the war against terrorism," adding that "the Iraqi army operations forces liberated the fullest in ridding the area of ​​terrorists," noting that "we are working very hard to control to receive people displaced from areas of fighting against terrorism, and yet we managed to do so. "

He added, "we will work to provide support and assistance for displaced people returning to their home areas and the creation of emergency housing while rebuilding the liberated cities," he said. "We will continue to support the Iraqi government's efforts in sponsorship for the displaced and the liberation of the Iraqi territory."

He continued, "I visited some of the camps in a number of Iraqi cities recently, and briefed on the progress of the services provided to displaced people, and I will visit Iraq again to follow up on the services provided to displaced families," .anthy