US newspaper: Washington plans to airlift with Iraq to increase its support

02/28/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 91 - Issue (3864)


It occupied the visit of the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis to Iraq, which took place last Monday, the headlines because he assured the Iraqi people that the United States "is not in Iraq to seize its oil."

At the same time, and with the continuation of the battle of Mosul, the US commander in Iraq, acknowledged that his troops operate within Iraqi formations, although its role is to provide advice and assistance.

Despite the inclusion of Iraq in immigration Trump's decision, many Iraqis view him positively as a strong leader committed to defeating Daesh.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, as shown as a figure of great stature, and politician with a popular, successful reformer and the leader in the war.

For Trump and his advisers not to downplay the importance of Iraq, the Sunni problem - the Shia are among the largest geopolitical challenges facing the United States since the Cold War.

When President Obama took office in 2009, Iraq was one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It was an American ally devoted to peace with its neighbors, a country of 32 million people under the federal constitution passed by a legitimate parliament.

In successive elections, Iraqis defied risk to a vote by 70% and were dominated by parties consistently across religious divisions.

Obama abandon Iraq in 2011, militarily and diplomatically, at the same time, the first thing is trying to Trump's management understood; Vkadr US Embassy in Baghdad - which was the biggest embassy in the world - shrinking by half, as the US offices were closed in parts of Iraq, has not been assigned to anyone a high level over the technocratic mission in Iraq since the departure of Ambassador Ian Crocker in 2009.

Iraq was to be taken seriously value. The underestimated was far from diplomatic. As was to be set up a company for the rental of heavy equipment in the oil fields of southern Iraq, but the Obama administration has led the project by not giving Iraq a diplomatic priority.

More importantly, who was assigned the US diplomatic dropped the price is the survival of Nuri al-Maliki for a long time as prime minister, as the Hofenith paved the way for the return of the Baathist insurgency - Wahhabi neutralized under the name Daesh.

Maliki corruption and authoritarian tendencies have weakened the Iraqi army and the state and the economy's ability to resist the rebel threat. Today is approaching the US armed presence in Iraq of the 10 thousand per person, and if they stay the troops in Iraq after 2011, they would have ensured peace as did their counterparts in Korea and Germany and was one of the unheard Bdaash, instead, the group appeared to cause great harm in Iraq.

Elements priceless inheritance of civilized human has been erased, and the millions killed and displaced, and thousands of children and girls are still subjected to sexual enslavement.

However, Iraq is back today to give Mr. Trump the team a lot of work, the Baghdad stock market was among the best performing in the world over the past six months, as the business in the southern oil fields are back to the levels before Daesh.

Under the worst conditions of the Iraqi society has never descended into widespread violence, the removal of al-Maliki, a rare success for the Obama administration.

Also, the leadership of al-Abadi reflect the basic tolerance Iraqi pragmatism by defeating Daesh, and the dismissal of corrupt officials from al-Maliki era, and stay away from the neighbors feuding, and survived the collapse of oil prices, Mr Abadi Pacific foul turn into a personal Matherh.azn How can the management of Trump Abadi help them succeed?

The United States began the abolition of the Obama era restrictions, preposterous, for American troops fighting Daesh, must go on this but on the United States to improve the Iraqi army supplies, where sufficient US forces do not exist to support air transport, logistics and medical emergency and intelligence, and all the areas that need them Iraqis to help.

Iraq depends a while ago on the US military its system - including Abram tanks and aircraft F - 16 transport aircraft C-130, but in 2012, when the Obama administration rejected Iraq's plan to rely on Apache helicopters, he turned Iraq into Russia and held with a deal worth $ 4.2 billion .

Required to be Iraq's procurement, training and maintenance of the US, as Washington also give priority to the US Embassy in Baghdad and work with the Iraqis to sideline al-Maliki.

Federalism is the only way that can be followed by Iraq, the Sunni regions are needed to more autonomy. Finally, the inclusion of Abadi armed factions under his leadership - including 30 thousand of the year - is worth supporting.