Chaired by Abbadi. Regular meeting convenes Cabinet in Wasit governorate

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The regular meeting of the Cabinet held Tuesday in Wasit governorate headed by Haidar Abadi.

Abadi are emphasized to a Cabinet in Wasit governorate confirmation of our interest in this province and our dear dear to her family.

It was agreed to move the headquarters of an oil company the middle to Wasit governorate and oil Ministry to take necessary legal measures to implement the present resolution.

As the Ministry of finance approved funding amounts for complete water and sewage projects in the Ministry of construction and housing, municipalities and the municipality of Baghdad and Wasit governorate and other provinces according to the recommendations of the meeting held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister by 2016 customizations like overtures and resolutions and directives of the timely funding and funding amounts of customizations for the same purpose of 2017 and the Ministry of planning to send investment projects and funding priorities.

The Cabinet decided to emphasize the former route through the Ministry of transport, in coordination with the Ministry of defence and local government for the province of Basra to an airport in Kut Kut air base to be used together with civilian military use with ensuring aviation safety standards are met and the approval of the civil aviation authority.

The Council also approved the National Housing Council in coordination with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and advisers and representatives of the supreme body for coordination between the provinces to submit the final report of the project of residential land in all provinces to ensure secure infrastructure services for candidate regions by 31 March 2017.

Approved Declaration Sa'eed Ibn Jubayr Street development and territorial development customizations for Wasit Governorate.

The Cabinet also directed coverage of Wasit governorate in financing infrastructure projects within British exports Bank following local government disclosure requirements.

And in the Cabinet by the Ministry of agriculture by completing the redistribution of agricultural land reclaimed (phase IV), (Côte-beterh) $11, 000 dunams.

The release was approved reconstruction fund terrorist operations in affected areas