Rise in inflation during the last January and the annual decline (0.9%)

28/02/2017 09:52 | Hits: 137


The planning Ministry revealed lower annual inflation index during the last twelve months (0.9%) With the inflation index for the month last January amounted to slightly (0.1%) Having had a high rate (0.2%) During the month of December 2016.

Official spokesman for the Ministry of planning abdalshrh Hindawi in his statement "trend" I got a copy of it, "the Central Bureau of statistics issued a monthly report of records which showed that the consumer price index for the month of January rose (0.1%) , Attributing it to rising housing section indices (1.1%) And Health Department (0.1%) , CTO (0.1%) And miscellaneous goods and services (0.5%) ".

The food and beverage department recorded a decrease (0.4%) As prices of meat Group (0.2%) Due to lower prices for fresh boneless beef/local rate (0.2%) Rose, inflation rate (0.3%) From the previous month and dropped by (0.3%) For the month of January 2016, while clearing price did not include the Ninewa and Anbar