Demonstration Wasit escalating dispute between al-Maliki and al-Sadr and Hakim's party envisages comment

Anmar Journal February 28, 2017

BAGHDAD - The Journal News

Excluded the cleric "Muqtada al-Sadr," the city of Kut from peaceful protests all until further notice, after a demonstration of students at the University of Wasit condemning the visit of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, while the description is a coalition of state law, led by the Vice President of the Republic, "Nuri al-Maliki" demonstration "chaotic" and said Description leader of Sadr al-Maliki (inclusive), "Commander of necessity," a non-starter.

In response to Sadr to a question by his activists from the people of Wasit on demonstrations and Wasit University students, saying that "whoever the perpetrator and instigator Whatever affiliations," and that "this work both from within the campus or from outside this image reprehensible and unacceptable work and cause harm to the project reform, not ruled out that the work of infiltrators who want to harm the project. "

He called for the "expulsion of the perpetrators or to hold them accountable to that university and by the Dean, and the exclusion of Kut from all peaceful protests until further notice."

Addressing the demonstrators chest, saying, "We are students of the prestige of the state and infringement of the Prime Minister (exclusively) in which Astanagas of the state," and stressed that "Abadi exempt from corruption to this day."

Gave chest apologized to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, "I apologize to the Abadi exclusively on behalf of the reaction, whether Mentm to or from Mendes to follow the commander of necessity or other."

He stressed that "any demonstration or protests outside the scope (supervising demonstrations Committee) they do not represent the Sadrist movement, may be hostile to him," pleading "not to overlook it."

He described the State of Law coalition, led by the Vice President of the Republic, "Nuri al-Maliki" demonstrations against the prime minister, "Haider al-Abadi" in Wasit province, "chaotic" and was considered the leader of the Sadrists described al-Maliki (inclusive), "Commander of necessity," a non-starter.

The MP for the coalition in the parliament, "the emotions of a blessing" for "Journal News" that the demonstrations constitutional and legitimate right guaranteed by the Constitution, but on those who call them, organizers commitment to ethics and pretending possibly can as well as the dimensions of the slogans repeated by demonstrators from stirring political differences. "

She stressed that "encroach upon the Prime Minister is unacceptable and there are political parties behind these demonstrations and the citizen's right to object to any political figure but assault is unacceptable that the latter represents Iraq as prime minister."

"I do not rule out to be what happened in Wasit is a political target because there are those who represent these demonstrators in Parliament and also there are other ways to express" .oaattabrt reference in the statement attributed to the leader of the Sadrist movement and clears it from the demonstration about "the commander of necessity" that "all statements announced by Sadr intended to al-Maliki and al-Maliki disdains names so they do not care about these labels and Laird them ".ohddt that" political harassment are destroying the country and that the "coalition of the rule of law is not afraid to pretend there is no fear of Ecesha personal purposes."

While "Fadi al-Shammari" member of the Shura Council of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, led by "Ammar al-Hakim" was "No comment on the matter ... We want to question things .. also complicate things does not serve the public paths," he said.