IMF warns of the Iranian economy deteriorating

Tuesday February 28, 2017 10:01

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
He warned the International Monetary Fund , on Tuesday, of what he described as foggy condition that surround the Iranian economy and the possibility of improved conditions after years of sanctions and restrictions, after the announcement by the new US administration of attitudes toward Iran and its continued threat to regional security and world peace.

In a report to the Fund Group, which the Iranian economy sagging, experts, "Iran's economy to grow by 6.6 percent predicted in the year 2016/2017 and return to a logical growth rate next year of 3.3 percent."

He attributed the improvement fund emergency experts to "Iran take advantage of high oil prices and the easing of some international sanctions last year after the nuclear deal between Iran and major powers."

But the report warned that the case of "uncertainty" surrounding the future of the severe situation of the Iranian economy with the United States to impose new sanctions on Iran as a result of development of ballistic missiles and continuing its interference in neighboring countries.

The nuclear deal, signed in the summer of the year before and came into force early last year to ensure ease international sanctions on Tehran , but US and European sanctions remained a negative impact on the Iranian economy.

The International Monetary Fund report that the continued tension with the United States "that could deter investment and trade with Iran and hoped dries economic recovery."

With the prospect of the collapse of the nuclear deal between Iran and the West, the report added, "If you find the agreement will enter the economy in a recession, will be reduced direct investment and capital flows and isolate Iran from the international financial system."