Iraq boosts its capabilities exploratory

2/28/2017 0:00

After the relative improvement in oil prices

Baghdad / follow-up to the morning
Iraq plans to determine the hydrocarbon reserves through seismic surveys for exploratory patches of oil fields and reservoirs border in Iraqi territory and territorial waters, so as to enhance its ability and economic status regionally and internationally.

Middle of this picture Oil prices rose and headed the market for high amid signs of an easing of the global supply glut but rising US oil production rather than gains.

And instructed Oil Minister Ali Jabbar Hussein Allaibi need to work on increasing the invading Iraq 's oil reserves by conducting studies and seismic surveys for exploratory patches in Iraqi territory, water and regional.

The minister stressed in a press statement on the need to focus on exploratory studies for the fields and oil reservoirs border with the neighboring countries to determine the overall estimates for these fields for Iraq, as well as the great interest in exploration projects for the fields of gas to increase the Iraqi reserve rates for the gas that Iraq possesses huge amounts of it.

On the other hand , he said Director General of Karim Hattab , the explorations of oil his company got a global "ISO" quality certificates for its commitment to technical standards and techniques in accordance with international standards.

He also noted Hattab that the company used for the time being the latest artistic techniques in conducting seismic surveys through triangular surveying and binary systems dimensions, especially as the business carried out by the Company in Basra, Missan, Samawa and Nasiriya which added huge amounts of inventories Alhaadrokarbone in the fields (Dima and Sinbad and Laredo and Fayhaa), as well as the future plans for the company aims to boost its activities outside the country.

In a related context , oil prices rose and headed for the market to rise, as the global London Brent crude jumped 0.7 percent to $ 56.39 a barrel, while WTI has increased the US median 0.6 percent to $ 54.31 a barrel.

But the market remained supported in a narrow range between four and five dollars since November , when the scope of approved Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and independent producers to reduce production.

The Energy Information Administration showed a rise in US inventories data 564 thousand barrels to 518.7 million barrels the week

The record level of commitment to an agreement on the part of (OPEC) , a surprise for the market, after Iraq and the UAE pledged to at least share in the reduction of access to the levels of commitment that they have made.

And estimated the International Energy Agency 's commitment ratio (OPEC) at a record high of 90 percent in December Two.