Internal Audit improves the business and pursue economic activities

2/28/2017 0:00

In specialized scientific symposium

BAGHDAD / Shokran Fatlawi
International standards set the goal of Internal Audit President as Assistant to perform responsibilities effectively, by doing provide all active members of the installations and calendars analyzes, recommendations, advice and information about activities that are audited, and that keeps the gravity of the economic sectors and public institutions.

For the definition of internal auditing by Iraqi University Organized by the Faculty of Administration and Economy yesterday a panel discussion titled "Internal Audit in light of international standards, of great importance and the role of the missing" and ran a seminar attended by the "morning" of both academics d. Mohammed Shujayri and teacher assistant Aisha al-Obeidi.

Internal Audit

Financial Control

At the beginning of the seminar between Shujayri that the internal audit is to go beyond the financial control and accounting operations to include all sectors and activities of the facility and its operations operational noting that the goal of it is done by a group of business in the forefront of verification of compliance with the policies established plans and procedures in place, as well as verification reliability or reliable administrative data that are generated within the facility, and scored , the extent of economic feasibility.

He added that it is associated with the audit and evaluation of the durability and the adequacy of accounting and financial control application, and control of other processes, and work to make them more efficient and affordable, let alone assess the quality of performance carried out at the level of responsibilities that workers assigned to do and check whether there is adequate protection for the assets of property All types of losses.

American Institute of Auditors

The promise of internal auditors American Institute (AII) According to the latest bulletin that the internal audit activity confirmatory independent and objective designer consultant to add value to the business to improve its operations, as well as it helps a company to achieve its objectives by creating a structured and rigorous approach to evaluate and improve the efficiency of risk management, control, and direction.

For its part noted Obeidi that the methods of internal audit include several methods in the forefront of testing and study and analysis of the internal control systems and assess their adequacy and effectiveness, as well as verify the existence of the assets of the facility and the health of recorded books and the adequacy of the means of protection from losses of all kinds, as well as examine the books and records and examination of documents to detect errors and fraud and to prevent their recurrence in the future as well as the need to verify the mathematical validity of the data shown in the financial statements or reports prepared by management.

She said the internal audit properties to be the function of an independent assessment in the sense that the internal auditor independent of the activities of the audited and follow administratively up the organizational structure of the facility , such as board of directors or audit committee to maintain the objectivity and sentencing biased levels.

It is said that the internal audit procedural and a definition is described as "the function of an independent and objective is created to examine and evaluate the various activities in order to help administrators within the enterprise to carry out their duties with a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness, by providing analysis, calendar, and recommendations, and advice.