Jaafari from Geneva: international parties tried to support terrorism and confuse the combat effort
[Where - Baghdad]
Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari, said on Monday that international parties tried to support terrorism across the gearing and Altkhadem and effort to confuse the theory of combat
And between al - Jaafari in the word Iraq , which he delivered at the opening of the fourth session of the Council held its business in the Swiss city of Geneva followed up by all of Iraq [where] that Iraq is the countries that suffer from the fire of terrorism and the state is facing terrorism, the State achieved accomplishments and is fighting on behalf of all countries of the world in defense of the rights and dignity it is not from countries of terrorism it is a victorious on terror states adding that some international agencies that have tried to support terrorism through gearing theory and Altkhadem take advantage of some of the media tendentious that sought and seeks to confuse best in the fight against terrorism in different ways trying to falsify the facts, accusing the popular crowd Foundation violations against human rights and without evidence which do not serve , in fact , so only terror
He stressed , saying inspired national legislation , the state has sought to establish a human rights culture in mind and community conscience Iraq and against which we set out to enter agreements and international obligations sum to join the eight international conventions in the field of human rights was he added , I've put Iraq at the top ladder priorities of cooperation with organizations, international bodies Laa special rapporteurs access to the reality of human rights in the country for the purpose of and built a privileged relationship with the United Nations assistance Mission for Iraq [UNAMI] in accordance with the work programs, and joint policies in many relating to the promotion of human rights files
He noted that despite the global war waged by Iraq against the terrorist organizations that committed the most terrible crimes and violations against Iraqi citizens and that war imposed by the exceptional circumstances the required decisions, and policies of the level of the terrorist challenge we did not lose sight of the human side of the war waged by our security forces heroine multiple titles from the army, police and the popular crowd, and the Peshmerga as took into account the laws of those institutions and its structure and performance of its duties in line, and the principles of human rights
He continued , We have paid great importance of international humanitarian law international human rights law, and dealt in accordance with the values - Semitism and the canons of religion tolerant first and according to international conventions and commitments as our security institutions are working carefully on the application of those laws and agreements on the protection of civilians and about this high discipline our security forces in various configurations which is a rare in such battles and in such conditions it has paid a steep expensive than the blood of our children the employees of these devices to keep the civilians. "
And cross - Jaafari "pleased with the participation of Iraq in the meetings of the Human Rights Council which is the first time that Iraq gets the membership of the Council " stressing that Iraq insists on providing the model's great unity of the people and the preservation of the wonderful heritage of coexistence sectarian, religious and national He explained has inherited this fact, we insist on continuing its Mjsudain national unity deeply sense, and vocabulary
He said , Have you heard about a young man came from the far south fought terrorism in Mosul in defense of children, women and the elderly in the far north, and then completes Zhou victory to marry a young conductivity varies with him in doctrine, the city, the tribe .. This is the image of Iraq real to him who missed by Iraq for a long period of time, do you expect that such a people extinguish , one day beam civilization despite what he went through tragedies and pains? Did you hear Baeraki who stop, pause parents and hold out a few days ago, a martyr Lieutenant Abu Bakr al- Abbas al - Samarrai hero who kept his head high and proud at large rats Daesh like Bohui martyrs Samir Murad and Mustafa virgins they sacrifice Nhra the knife for the sake of humanity? ".
Reasoned by saying Iraq has entered the Human Rights Council; the belief that it would be a real incentive to apply the best of the legislation and the laws laid down in human rights conventions and strive hard to promote a human rights culture away from the hubs, and polarizations, and tugging and political pressure under the interface, and slogans rights rights, and we will strengthen this important principle with the Member States in the Council. "