OPEC: the agreement of all the participating countries committed to reducing oil production

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{International: Euphrates News} Secretary-General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Mohammed Barkindo, said on Monday, it said that production cuts led by the Organization agreement thrown good support from all participating countries, despite some start the application on the part of non-member States problems.

According to Barkindo, he told a news conference in Abuja "for countries not members of OPEC, is the first time and therefore can anticipate some of the challenges of the roll, but the commitment of all the ministers and all the participating countries is very strong."

Iraq had agreed in the end of November to participate in the "OPEC" agreement on reducing global supplies to contribute to raise oil prices, and restore stability to the markets, despite the heavy losses incurred in the shadow of the war being waged against Daesh.

It is said that, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries {OPEC} and independent producers including Russia agreed to cut production by about 1.8 million barrels a day in an attempt to get rid of oversupply that resulted in lower prices for more than Aamin.anthy