Hakim: install democracy in 2017 and the creation of political forces to rule Iraq

02/27/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 107 - Issue (3863)

Baghdad / term

Chairman of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim said that the current year will be to install democracy and political configuration of the forces governing Iraq next electoral cycles. He stressed the need for the legislation of laws that address extremist discourse.

He called al-Hakim, according to a statement received (range) a copy of it, to "take a firm stance against the intellectual and rhetorical and behavioral extremism and warned bomber speech which is the most dangerous and most deadly impact society of car bombs and explosive belts."

The President of the National Alliance, "the importance of the legislation of laws that address extremist discourse that some people sign some," stressing that "the unity of Iraqis in all the joints are the key to all problems, and that the land of Iraq is the only one which has the right to host meetings to discuss the Iraqi crisis."

He called al-Hakim that "the ballot box is a standard of reward and punishment," pointing out that "the public has the absolute right to punish anyone who uses sectarian rhetoric for political gain."

The president of the alliance, said, "Terrorism is not only a security crisis but also political and security crisis, regional and international pressure have read the negative outcomes of the new Iraq," adding that "2017 will be a year to install democracy and configuration of political forces of Iraq could control the next electoral cycles".

In another context, the head of the National Alliance called for the need to choose the national figures in the upcoming elections.

He said another statement to the Office of the wise, she received a (long) a copy of it yesterday, that the latter met with a group of elders and notables of the tribes south of Mosul, and urged them to need to focus on youth and protect them from extremist ideology, the price for their support and courage generally Aldaasha terrorism.

Hakim pointed out that "the blood of Iraqis mingled in the battle to liberate the cities of Conception Daesh terrorist gangs of the south and north after Hab people of the south heeded the call supreme religious authority."

The head of the National Alliance to "a greater role in the detection of terrorist names, to facilitate the task of distinguishing between Aldoaash and innocent people, especially in the liberated areas, and let us to the need to choose the national figures in the upcoming elections, especially those who lived suffering days of the ordeal, and the exclusion of characters who roam the world in search of their personal interests away from the interests of the country, and Pena keen to return the displaced to their areas, having cleared of explosive material. "

In the midst of al-Hakim's efforts to agree on a political settlement between the blocs and political parties with the support of Nations

The (long) might be mentioned to publish the text of the "historic compromise" which unveiled it in its 3771 issued on October 31 last, has been circulating widely, locally and regionally, and opened the door for debate about the possibility of develop a vision and an Iraqi national for after Daesh.