Yasiri: economic commissions parties ghosts of working secretly lead some ministries decades

Political Since 27/02/2017 13:54 pm (Baghdad time)

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The head of the board of integrity Alaasrin Hassan, on Monday, the political parties, economic commissions as a "ghost" is working in the rough is leading some state ministries decades.

Yasiri said in response to the questions verbal directed to him by the MP Hanan al during the parliament session today, he said that "the economic committees of the parties is a" ghost "do not have a sign or a real working everything in secret."

He added, that "when our visit to some of the ministries we faced a big problem that we have to act within the legal basis allows the accountancy body members of the Economic Committees who are leading some of the ministries."

He pointed out that "a proposal was made personally to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in which students address the parties' economic commissions through legislative intervention to amend the Political Parties Act and the Electoral Commission (taking the pledge from the existing parties not to acquire them economic commissions) that the Commission is following this post-election."

He noted, "The Integrity Commission has referred the cases of corruption in the Ministry of Defense to justice," adding that "the board of integrity need legislative and the executive branch cooperate on resolving the issues of corruption."

MP Hanan al and addressed a number of questions, the head of the Integrity Commission concerning a specific private corruption questioned former defense minister, and the results of an investigation Oona Weill.

A parliamentary source said, L / balance News /, "The Fatlawi and directed a number of questions to the heads of the integrity Hassan al-Yassiri, including body action on the files relating to suspicions of corruption that has to transmit them to them for more than a year and own questioning of former Secretary of Defense group, how many of these issues It has been resolved and what are the results. "

He added that "it is among the questions also decisiveness to investigate on Oona Oil files, and special tours licenses ratio, especially since the Commission has announced its mandate of international inspectors to assist in the investigation, as well as for body procedures concerning the abolition of the economic committees of some parties, which previously announced" .anthy 29 / D 24