US debt "wraps the globe" 77 thousand times

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The Web site, "nationaldebtclocks" or (the national debt), which is calculated in real time religion in the world national debt for most of the major countries counter that the US national debt is about $ 20 trillion, with an annual interest rate on this debt up to $ 444 billion.

And separates the site, that the accrued interest on the US debt every second of 14 thousand dollars, while the share of US citizen from the national debt more than 61 thousand dollars per capita (US population, about 324 million people).

The ratio of debt to GDP of more than 106 percent (of GDP to America about 18 trillion and a half trillion dollars).

It is interesting details, because if you put the debt papers dollar bill and a single compact, the length of the Earth revolves around the middle 77 thousand and 559 times.

And if you put the amount over each, high pile will reach more than 2,000,177 thousand kilometers, and that distance is equal to more than five flights into space from the Earth to the Moon.