The stock market registered an increase of 1.37%


Economy News / Baghdad, Iraq Stock Exchange index increased by 1.37% compared with a session on Sunday.

The executive director of the market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in an interview of the economy News, the number of shares traded for the session on Sunday amounted to 21,610,513,729 shares, while the value of traded shares amounted to 11,380,809,952 dinars, closing price index ISX 60 at today's meeting at (736.33) points, up by (1.37% ) for the closure of the previous session's (726.41 points).

Abdul Salam said that in today's session trading of shares of 45 companies out of 97 companies listed in the market, while the number of the companies stalled a decision from the Securities Commission for failing to comply with instructions of financial disclosure (15) company.

And the number of shares bought by non-Iraqi investors between Abdulsalam they reached 116 thousand shares valued at 290 thousand dinars through the implementation of (3) transactions on the shares of two companies, while the total number of shares sold by non-Iraqi investors (12) million shares value of 9 million dinars through the implementation of (8) deal on the shares of both companies.

Taha revealed that there is a special executed on the shares of Bank of Mosul number of shares (21.100) billion shares and trading volume (10.972) billion dinars.