Zamili News of the economy: the absence of a clear vision Investment expelled international companies sober

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The head of the Baghdad Investment Authority Shaker Zamili, that the absence of a clear vision Investment distanced solid international companies from working in Iraq directly Bhscal.

Zamili said in an interview for "Economy News" that, despite the issuance of the Second Amendment to the investment law, but he is more of its provisions do not apply because of the absence of a clear vision for investment resulting in a move away from the international companies working in Iraq.

Zamili added that there are a lot of obstacles facing investment projects including Alars and red tape, but the most prominent is the infrastructure linked to it are more problems facing investment projects at the moment.

Zamili and stressed that despite the problems facing investment projects, but it has made thousands of job opportunities for young people and the various specialties, especially the capital Baghdad projects being considered the most in Iraq.