Our troops begin storming the largest right side neighborhoods

2/27/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning of Mosul / Sunrise Maher began our forces in various different forms on Sunday to storm the biggest revival of the right side (Mansour) after the liberation of the safe neighborhood Balkamil.aota this at a time when managed pieces Armored Division ninth Band - Abbas (AS) fighting to finish clearing the Yarmouk power station which nourishing energy President in Mosul.

Edit safe neighborhood was declared operational commander (coming, Nineveh) Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Yar God yesterday that appeared «anti - terrorism device troops completed the liberation completely safe neighborhood, the first revival of the right coast adjacent to the point of northwest camp Ghazlani which was imposed to control it and the airport Mosul international next to him two days before ».

He pointed out that « the machine forces were embarked on the progress process directions several as it continues to penetrate and cleanse the valley adjacent to the north of Camp Ghazlani stone neighborhood where he was able during the progress of the destruction of five wheels bomb and another carrying a machine-gun and a motorcycle and detonate 34 explosive device killed a number of terrorists and destroying mortar Mffersta» .

Break into other neighborhoods also noted the team Yar God, that cuts the federal police and the Task rapid reaction continues to break into the process and clearing Jawasaq overlooking the bank of the Tigris neighborhoods adjacent Aviation Airport Mosul and managed through the offer of the destruction of two wheels bombs and detonating suicide vests and seizing a number of weapons and ammunition and detonating 10 explosive devices, killing a number of terrorists and the destruction of the wheel carrying a machine-gun and the dismantling of two houses Mfajgen.

Yar God He said the cuts Armored Division ninth Band - Abbas (AS) combat were able to complete the cleansing Yarmouk power station , which is nutritious president of energy in Mosul and continue the process of clearing Tlul thirsty and secure the western side of the counter - terrorism forces and continue the progress , where two wheels bombs destroyed and another carrying gunmen and blew 30 of an explosive device and killed a number of terrorists, pointing out that the progress troops were entrusting air cover effectively by the air force and army Aviation and the international coalition aircraft march, and led sorties combat the destruction of a large number of enemy equipment and kill a lot of Aldoaash.

The news correspondent «morning» Captain in the federal police forces Karim Jamal confirmed the killing of three of the most prominent snipers Daesh Russian citizenship , one of them in the neighborhood of Wadi Hajar , according to intelligence information from residents of the neighborhood stating that these snipers were deployed on the roofs of government and commercial buildings, while advancing forces found 4 weapons and ammunition stores and mortar bombs belonging to Doaash into Wadi Hajar neighborhood, killing five guards these stores.

While the field commander for the detection of four Doaash surrendered to the forces fighting terrorism in the neighborhood of Wadi Hajar, after the flight of most of their leaders and their inability to cope with troops being trapped from all sides, pointing out that the criminals Daesh they could not , and since the start of the Battle of the right coast of the face developed the pieces and so for many reasons , the most prominent of their leaders escape and run out of ammunition , and no communications with each other .

Keeping the entrance of Mosul , the president , in turn, told Dean in the federal police forces Aziz al - Araji in an interview with our correspondent, that «our forces imposed yesterday morning control entirely on President Street to the entrance of Mosul , on the one hand the road from Baghdad after clashes that killed about 20 of the most prominent leaders of Daesh including two suicide bombers , in addition to seven of the terrorists Daesh militants were arrested during their presence in the shops within the same street before fleeing ».

He added that « the security forces stormed the al - Mansour neighborhood , one of the biggest revival of the right coast and is adjacent to a safe neighborhood editor, and that these forces keen to open safe corridors to exit families».

He also pointed out that « the federal police forces completed the imposition of completely control over Aharakiet adjacent area to the West of the Tigris south coast right which is the largest site for refining and smuggling of oil , which was acquired by Daesh gangs and prevent civilian access to it, reaching these forces to the entrance of the fourth bridge, after killing 16 of the most prominent leaders of these gangs », warning that« anti - terrorism forces , which involved fighting able to control the entrance to the fourth from the south bank of the bridge and the troops are now deployed at the intersections of the bridge link between the coasts of the left and right , which is the first bridge is under control it from several directions » .

Arrest terrorists Turks also confirmed Brigadier General in command of joint operations Mohammed al - Jubouri »Sabah» that anti - terrorism forces arrested yesterday 30 of the leaders of the gangs Daesh including military and security officials from Arab and foreign nationalities while trying to escape from Mosul Right Coast cards personal forged.

People crowd emphatically and on the achievements of the remarkable forces Authority popular crowd, said a statement of the body that « the engineering effort of the crowd completed the creation of mounds and building fortifications in the villages and areas that have been edited during the past four days within boycotted the ongoing liberalization east and west of Tal Afar regions of operations, as well as to continue to dismantle IEDs and mined houses were dismantled more than 327 explosive devices and more than 45 homes ».

For his part, the leader of the popular crowd , Sami al - Masoudi «kill the so - called ( the commander of the elite forces Bdaash) on the outskirts of Tal Afar , process quality carried out by Hezbollah Brigades hard intelligence high , which led to an outbreak of panic among criminal gangs and cause the occurrence of a state of retreat and withdrawal have».