Keywords: secure the services of the priorities of the post-Daesh
BAGHDAD / Alaa al - Tai
stressed the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords, move the government in the provision of services to the citizens of the liberated areas and to secure their basic needs, indicating that it is a priority for the post "Daesh" and the liberalization of Nineveh.
A source authorized General Secretariat in an interview for the "morning": that "Keywords and during his meeting with the German envoy German foreign ministry for economy and finance and the German ambassador in Iraq, stressed that security and stability and basic services is a priority for the Iraqi government after the liberation of areas of the gangs" Daesh "terrorist" He added the source said " the discussions held at the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, centered about the translation of the German aid and loans to the reality Atelmush citizens, as well as explore the possibility to carry out projects for infrastructure reconstruction and securing the needs that contribute to the strengthening achieved military victories against the " Daesh "gangs and terrorist support stability in liberated areas in coordination with local administrations in the province of Nineveh. " For his part, the German envoy pointed out that "the task addressed by Iraq is not a trivial task , and they need to extraordinary efforts by everyone," reiterated the commitment of the Federal Republic of Germany to stand with Iraq in its reconstruction and lay the foundations for stability. While the German ambassador said his country continues to provide assistance and follow - up agreements and contracts with Iraq in order to be implemented in order for the latter to achieve the desired stability , both in the economic situation or Alomnah.aly, the non - governmental organizations , the Department held a coordination meeting to direct the implementation of the simplification of registration of branches organizations action foreign labor in the field of mine clearance in Alarac.oukal authorized source in the ongoing its a statement the "morning": " the director general of the Department of non - governmental organizations Mohammed Taher al - Tamimi presided over a coordination meeting to direct the implementation of the simplification of registration of branches of foreign organizations working in the field of mine clearance in Iraq action ".