Maliki threatens to destabilize Iraq if elections postponed

State of Law Coalition leader Nouri al-Maliki has threatened to destabilize Iraq and put the country in front of difficult choices if the next elections were postponed with the aim of achieving more political gains.

Post-ISIS era requires the re-arrangement of Iraq's priorities according to a national plan that protects Iraqis rights, al-Maliki said in a press statement, pointing that a political majority is the only plan that will help Iraq get rid of quotas' system and achieve a national consensus.

He asserted that a political majority will not be monopolized by sectarian groups, but it will be a political majority for every Iraqi who wants to participate in the government, noting that a majority government would contribute to working out a national consensus about principles based on the Iraqi constitution.

Maliki is blamed for ISIS's control over Mosul city and its spread in other parts of Iraq when the Iraqi troops withdrew from the city after ISIS militants stormed it during massive battles to capture the city in June 2014.

He along with other senior Iraqi officials are also involved in several corruption charges and have been faced with charges of squandering trillions of dollars from the Iraqi's funds.