Youth unemployment and Development


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Yasser incumbent

No different from that of the high unemployment rate of young people share when comparing universities and institutes Iraqi output ratios and average grades ratios at the level of the Iraqi state.

This ratio has escalated over the past two with the low number of job vacancies in 2016 and the lack of it in the budget year 2017, because the vacancies are standard for measuring unemployment.

In contrast, the Iraqi market is not likely to absorb the numbers rising because of weak capacities of the Iraqi private sector absorption because the institutions and companies of the Iraqi private sector-specific activities and is not available with the expansion, especially in the productive sectors Almanmh.sbb clear Huanaadam public policies on the market, especially the right of trade policy and is not selected Import goods can be produced locally we do not know what are you waiting concerned with the increasing volume of unemployment, Wallis population growth rate, announced by the Ministry of planning indicator to sound the alarm?

I We are encouraged at the initiative of the Central Bank of developmental customize it the amount of the 6 trillion and a half trillion dinars for lending to the productive and service projects that Oketb her success was able to absorb a large percentage of unemployment, but it appears to have foundered for many reasons, including banks and fears of a risk of non-recovery of loans, this dilemma caused by the consecration of culture exemptions is planned that prevailed before this era.

There are attempts to implement this program because we believe that he will face the challenge of opening up the import of goods and the goods if the concerned authorities failed to act to address this phenomenon as it has to be the pursuit of sound import policy based balance between the need of the market with what is available from local production fills part of requirement that tackling unemployment require to make way for the private sector to play its development role is required and this is often advocated by the owners of expertise and competence and the call still for it.

Although there are steps in the right direction undertaken by the Government it referred stigmatized them especially to strive to adopt a law for Social Security parallel pension law will help change the culture of the reliability of the state in search of employment opportunities.

A project Loan Guarantee Act is the other will contribute to stimulate savings and lending by restoring confidence in banks and will do the productive sectors and stir market factors towards the absorption of unemployed youth unemployment. All young people and economists are watching the performance of the concerned authorities in supporting and strengthening the orientation of the private sector to absorb the deadly unemployment among young people to support the private sector to take its role Almtalob.tmh another issue it deems important experts to activate the production and absorption of unemployment relates to the need to speed up the privatization of companies and factories idle it one of Staff activate the production process to absorb the greater part of the widespread unemployment among young people and lead to the achievement of development Required.