The death of a prominent journalist in Roudao media network in Mosul

By Roudao 9 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

Saturday, 25/02/2017, unfortunately while covering the fighting in Mosul, was killed by a landmine planted, media characteristic cited in Roudao, Healing Kurd , and wounded her photographer, Mustafa Younis.

Director of the Department of the production of inks in Roudao Media Network, Healing Kurd, cited by the explosion of a landmine planted by Daesh in an area located in the right side of Mosul , which has been restored control of days ago.

Healing Kurdish journalists were from a privileged network Roudao media, and the star of the silver screen from the beginning of its establishment, and one of the stars of the Kurdish media in general, except for that it was active, with a significant role in the work of leadership Roudao Media Network director.

At the beginning of the start of Mosul operations, it provided healing Kurdish program called "Fox Mosul , " and she was working as a reporter of war on the battlefield to transfer information and the latest updates, with the martyrdom of healing Kurdish damaged Roudao media network and affected all journalists in Kurdistan and the place would be empty.

We as the Roudao Media Network Sadly offer condolences to all Roudao staff and family healing Kurd , and all journalists across Kurdistan.

Roudao Media Network