Adoption of specialized international companies for the rehabilitation of local expertise

2/26/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb
more is known about attracting capital and advanced technology requirements of an urgent need to revitalize the real job market in Iraq , which has an ideal opportunity for all international companies, but under the conditions of crisis it.

Global effort with the developed According to experts needs to be a reputable financial institutions have the expertise that carry international certificates recognized confirms possession of these institutions for the best experience and the ability to provide services that fit the workload and keep pace with global developments and shrinking the gap between Iraq and the world.

Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh stressed the need to open up to the specialized rehabilitation of local expertise that add high levels of expertise enable organizations to be the focus of the world 's faith at all levels of international companies.

He pointed to the importance of being in Iraq experiences carry important testimony from the top five training institutions in the world in the forefront of any ACAMS, Microsoft and KPMG and other terms of equivalent training in her testimony Harvodalaalmih University.

Saleh said that the world is constantly evolving and has become an international gap between Iraq and the international surroundings even in the training curriculum, pointing out that the rapid developments difficult to keep pace , but through the rapid training sessions larger institutions under the supervision of, and we find it offere that trains local competencies in the biggest specialized in the financial sector institutions which is the real axis of the starting of the development process and recommend extending it .

The 27 percent of the jobs that were chock in the seventies of the last century , has now disappeared in developed countries, including the United States of America.

Keep up with new expert International Training Ali Mohammed Jawad said that the world is racing to develop human capabilities to keep up with their role in the new in all fields, pointing out that the advancement of competencies is all the institutions of the forms , the risks, particularly in the financial institutions. He pointed out that our experiences with leading global companies showed that the current work contexts and the criteria for selecting the country that approaches it classified as investment companies adopt the evolution of the financial sector and the extent to which Imitklh of certificates of the best specialized institutions.

He noted that the field of money Iraq began earning his staff of international experience through certificates obtained from the institution of any global infidel specialized preparation competencies, develop and give a certificate to the employee that exceeds the tests on the high degree of accuracy in the areas of money laundering and diversion terrorism after the sessions organized for this matter.

He said the need for this institution looked after the events of September 11 to curb the financing of terrorism and money laundering and introduced accredited anti - laundering specialists Association money that began to enter Iraq Abraltaaon with the Iraqi private banks association and the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq.

Jawad importance of preparing the importance of competent staff member said, because it is not natural to consider the employee that all cases of deposit and open - laundering accounts but to be precise specialization in this area and shall have the possibility in the diagnosis of cases that are surrounded by suspicions, pointing out that the ongoing central supervision sessions Association began creating these competencies.

He said that through the sessions pointed out that the Iraqi competencies younger respond quickly to put the systems and new information and this is a positive thing can Iraq from the financial sector to develop gradually to be a contender in the competencies and products regional and international banks, pointing to a great reaction from the coaches and participants.

He urged the importance of preparing young expertise in the areas that must communicate with global developments, where the need for participation of the new two sessions annually to see that occurring in the financial sector, where international investment effort looks at the extent to which the financial sector to international certifications manages the Financial Action Task Force in the country.

Turn between the Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq The Association recognizes the importance of developing the working experiences of public money and private sector and has become our understandings with the best international financial institutions, pointing out that the cycles that regulate the issues the task under the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq and, most recently concluded at the end of last week , in collaboration with ACAMS any institution.

Tariq pointed out that continuous training courses and plans implemented a monthly basis according to the program and there was a clear reaction from the banks with the training curriculum.