The crowd frees five villages east of Tal Afar
Policy, security and economy
Saturday February 25, 2017
- 14:20

Part of the popular crowd operations Saturday

DONE Brigade 11 in the popular crowd forces on Saturday, the village of Tal Afar, west of the northern Abra after elements Daesh inflicted heavy losses in lives and equipment, while raised the Iraqi flag over it, to go up the outcome of the villages liberated by the crowd today to five.

According to the popular crowd Commission in successive data arrived Radio Marbad The troops seized five villages from the grip of the organization Daesh in the eastern district of Tall Afar, west of Mosul, a northern Abra, small lesson, Central and Abra, and Azizia, and a waste Jehah.

To that, the Second Brigade is in the crowd cream Khaqani told the crowd that followed tow forces working to isolate the right coast of the district of Tall Afar and cut supply routes for Daesh terrorist elements.

He Khaqani the popular crowd began clearing associated with the coast in the right areas, a hill of gravel, fisheries and Alshaji and killed 12 element of Daesh, also blew an excavator bomb, adding that the factions of the popular crowd rapidly progressed in the villages mentioned under air cover from attack helicopters belonging to the flight of the Iraqi army, after the defection of elements Daesh into Tal Afar.

Khaqani he continued soon Stzv Bushra edit the rest of the usurped land from the control of the organization Daesh.