Iraq complains Ministry of Finance's lack of cooperation with the retirement body: disgruntled pensioners of procedures

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BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press:
demanded that the General Directorate of the Rafidain Bank, the Ministry of Finance on Saturday, certainly on the national pension body to cooperate with them, in order to avoid the case of persistent grumbling among retirees, as a result of the delay in the Commission procedures.

A source at the Rafidain Bank for "tomorrow 's Press," that " the overall management of the bank, demanded that the Ministry of Finance, emphasis on national pension body to cooperate with the bank 's management, in order to avoid the case continued for retirees grumble, as a result of delayed body in its own procedures to strengthen the account with the bank, and to accelerate the balance Print statements in the beginning of each month. "

The source pointed out , that "Rafidain Bank was forced to exchange for several months, in spite of the suffering experienced by the bank, due to the lack of liquidity, and that the public administration demanded and more than once the national pension body to facilitate the procedures, and Bmkhatabat official, but it did not take appropriate action ".