10 strongest economies in the world by 2050


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Three surprises include a list of the strongest ten economies in the world, which is expected to reach it by 2050, three surprises terrifying, according to a report released by specialized economic company briefed on its contents, where economists believe that the map of the global economy will have completely changed over the next thirty years.

It concluded Inc. (PwC) professional specialized economic affairs to the analysis paints a global economy look like after 33 years of day, by 2050, where will be the economic centers of power in the world has changed, with includes analysis of published content newspaper 'The Independent' British are also three surprises at least relate to the ten strongest economies in the world. The three surprises that observed in the report, Voolha that China will be the United States has pushed aside for the throne of the world's largest economy, but America will not be in second place globally, but in the third place, as will a second, after China, India, which no one expected that overtake the US, far behind the economy, according to analysts' forecasts.

The second surprise is the largest Muslim country, namely Indonesia, will be entered in the adult list globally, it will become Her fourth-largest economy in the world by the year 2050. The third surprise in the list is that Britain, which last year citizens voted out of the European Union , you will descend over the next 33 years to become the tenth position globally, rather than its current position as the fifth largest economy in the world.

Economic Report and came under the title: 'see far: How will change the global economy by 2050', and in the report enable economic analysts put the largest 32 economies in the world, according to the GDP of each economy, the size and growth rates achieved by, and thus the expected size of the economy by the year 2050, while the ten largest economies in the world by the year 2050 follows:

First, China: China's economy will reach the size of the year (58.499) trillion dollars.

Second, India: The size of the economy (44.128) trillion dollars.

Third: United States: (34.102) trillion dollars.

Fourth: Indonesia: (10.502) trillion dollars.

Fifth: Brazil: (7.540) trillion dollars.

Sixth: Russia: (7.131) trillion dollars.

Seventh: Mexico: (6.863) trillion dollars.

Eighth: Japan: (6.779) trillion dollars.

Ninth: Germany: (6.138) trillion dollars.

Tenth: Britain (5.369) trillion dollars.