Study: activation of the local product is essential for the Tariff Act

On: Tuesday 22/5/2012 6:43

 Baghdad / follow-up long-
proposed economic researcher nice Abdel Salem Ugaili develop clear policy for the activation of the Tariff Act, noting the difficulty of implementing the law, without the presence of local product contributes to the insurance requirements of the society.
said Ugaili in an analytical study prepared for the Agency (news): From necessary to develop an economic plan solid scientific summarized by activating and developing the performance of key economic sectors of agriculture and industry by the government to adopt various mechanisms that can support the management of the agricultural sector and enable the application of mechanisms, plans and programs.

He added that the number of linear solid reinforcing elements of management of the industrial sector required by the task of rehabilitation of industrial plants in public and private sectors that has stopped most of them work eight years ago in order to ensure the provision of local product, and reduce the need for the supply of goods and supplies from outside the country.
and clearer than the between the desired goals of the application of the Tariff Act is to support the national product and develop the work and contributions of the private sector which affected much by the rule of the phenomenon of dumping the commodity in the domestic market, as the continued absence of the local product on the market can not guarantee the achievement of the objectives of the law.
He stressed the importance of supporting and encouraging the joints the private sector, as a tributary President for the development of the country's economy under the directions of the Government of Iraq to adopt a policy of market economy.
He pointed out that the Tariff Act imposes a fee customs on imported goods, not included in the table of tariff duties, by not more than (20%) of its value , to exempt samples and models that are not of commercial value, customs duties, in addition to taking into account the law in the application of its provisions, the facilities afforded by the Investment Law No. (13) for the year (2006), as amended, on goods imported for investment projects exclusively, and comes with a view to attracting the maximum amount of investment companies and businessmen to work in Iraq.