Turkey continues to cooperate with Daesh and transporting terrorists Daesh from Turkey to Europe and Russia

Friday February 24, 2017 01:48

Private voice Kurdistan: After Zaardh down on Daesh in Syria and Iraq, the Daesh now move their families and some of their organs out of these two countries. And in this matter it Daesh receive direct assistance from Turkey to cross the border and access to Turkey.

Turkey also began operations are reported they captured elements Daesh fleeing to Turkey, but Turkey does not receive arrested for incarcerations but that Turkey you move them to special places to assemble them and then you move many of them to the body that they desire after paperwork and securing them are also protecting others in special camps.

Turkey claims to the arrest of Aldoaash present in Turkey while it is to protect them and take them to the outside.

So far, Turkey has made in agreement with the Daesh to evacuate many cities of Syria and most recently was the city where the door got some confrontations, but Turkey was forced to agree to the demands of Daesh.

Turkey is expected to turn to tenderness also in order to save Aldoaash there too and prevent Kurdish and US forces to arrest them or kill them. There are fears that Erdogan is also used Daesh against Uriah and Russia after failing to Syria and Iraq.