Is the independence of Kurdistan the best option?

24-02-2017 | (Voice of Iraq)

When we speak we call what he believes and wishes, not rabid or belief chauvinism or isolation and separation from others, but access to the independence and the emergence of a State where it is due, and not faith to build a large prisoner and find the commas and placing barriers between components of a country that was born over a century ago in accordance with agreements by people who did not have the right to determine the fate of the people of this region.

What we call not a grudge or even avenge the injustice we Kurds by the central authorities, and the attacks using the deadliest weapons, and what is human genocide, reading and do it, because by dressing up and took over and went to fate, and the people of Kurdistan proved to be forgiven and llgima cream.

That is what we believe and insist it's not hate Arabic nationalism, Farsi, Turkish, and bye religion and doctrine and other race on Earth and we want to use is not extreme State based on applying what we carry possibly fundamentalist, whatever, and not to dominate and breasting and progress goals of Schadenfreude(german for "to harm the joy") never hurt us before, and not believing that independent Kurdistan State security can achieve social justice or equality and humanitarian principles and orientations Who can be controlled by the current authorities in point of time, and could not believe that the Kurdish government for an independent State will be more progressive and civilised and secular than other assets in the region, and could not believe that arrange the country can easily be raided to Hindustan in blink or prolonged, if not the people active and conscious and proficient than change them in record time,
and we can't be to This limit is na´ve to believe that the State of Kurdistan as the current authority could reach developed countries strainers and other competition and trade and culture and knowledge and mindset.

And we can't be on the belief that isolation and shunning others internally or regionally or globally help anything, but people believed that the reorganization of modern cultures established scurrying around valid useful to humanity's highest goal the blades to be fateful for him in every way after independence.

So why call for independence. It's a goal, that certainty of us through what we received and we suffered from successive central authorities, however, and we made sure they want right dimple and not judging the fairness or equity bye ratio was, and that's what we established the firm belief that independence is more important and a step forward and the most out of your stay on what we had over the past decades and still even now and landed right on the shore of safety but live in constant concern and under Fear and on the floor of the instability.

We weren't to be optimistic if the moment we can make for the possible change in a short time under such powerful authoritarian attitudes and hand the internal equations highlighted by the fall of the dictatorship and kinder to the surface of the ruling political milieu in regional interventions and economic factors that impose their partisanship and Central Central away from social justice and equality pursued by all Iraqi components.

We want to walk in the way of independence to our conviction that this alslthalmerczet the structure and substantive conditions enjoyed by and CV and whoever replaces her in the near future or alpaige that they can't go to the other Bank and cannot achieve what peoples aims of social justice and cannot walk away from the negatives of the national religious sectarian intolerance and this mindset that govern what highlighted the favourable moment and opportunity and chance During a certain period.

And what a victory and inevitable if we want to guarantee the future of our generations, firm belief that central authorities its reformist chauvinistic uncivilized and far from human values and are based on religious sectarian partisan interests of narrow personal and ideological based on ideological and political foundations of a minor.

Because the Center is still on the case and did not come out of the shed and heads and thought and beliefs of the past decades, and is locked in his decision himself without being announced, but what goes on is a hidden belief, tyranny and maybe almtner or dictatorship and maybe do it fair and wants to impose is actually against my conviction alshoubalarakih bye was and without any particular knowledge or interest in freedom and individual privacy and doctrine.

Because the authority does not consider all eyes at least be equal to look fairly simple too, but think and believe and work to give attention to the unrepresented parties, the Center and the regions, and because she's still on the same governance path which have remained so and where former rulers had strayed and went astray and betrayed on a large percentage of the people. Because experience shows that even in the case of possible change, the ball can be returned to the authority by the new authority established on allegations and what you call it, the principles of the new authority and alternative sentencing.

And Iraq's peoples faith and especially for the people of Kurdistan to central authority by backwater and another under the control and influence of regional and international powers that have a stake in the survival of Iraq's Central and without being able to lose out of them and that I believed not impose on them, and it will be moderated and unstable and not truly independent and can not nntnzer them justice in Joe lean and rocking from such a situation.

And, when we compare the survival and independence, we find the pros and cons of the case, and based on the factors and General motivation that prompts us to choose the lesser of two evils for a certain period in order to remove permanent evil, hoping to remove the causes of evil God.