Trump policies were pushing the dollar to decline

24/02/2017 02:43 | Number of Views: 87

Direction Press / Agencies

The dollar fell on Friday and headed for incurring the first weekly losses in three weeks after US Treasury Secretary's new Steven Mnotchen made statements led to a decline in trading driven by expectations that US President Donald Trump policies lead to higher inflation, which rose to the dollar to its highest level in 14 years earlier 2016.

Mnotchen said on Thursday that any steps taken by Trump's management policy will have only limited impact on the likely this year, although he wants to approve the tax reform before the August.

According to this Altalkiet made in his first television interview since taking office last week, there is still a need for a lot of work on the main elements of the tax reform plan, which he described massive Mnotchen as a top priority.

The dollar fell because of these statements, as its index, which tracks its performance against a basket of major currencies, up 0.2 percent on Friday to reach 100.82, recording a slight decline since the beginning of the week.

The dollar also came under pressure earlier this week after the publication of the minutes of the meeting of the latest meetings of the Monetary Policy Committee Federal Reserve (Fed), which was less inclined to tighten monetary than some investors expected.

Euro from lows and rose in six weeks hit this week, surpassing the US $ 1.06 a little since found support in a new alliance between the candidate for the French presidency Emmanuel shifty with centrist Francois Bayrou