Alliance raid kills senior leaders in western Mosul Daesh

Rezan Ahmad 02/24/2017 - 13:13 Iraq

A source at the Joint Special Operations Command, on Friday, killed Wali Daesh on the West Bank in Mosul, and in charge of the military organization of the alliance bombed the western Mosul.

Colonel Khudair Saleh told (Basenyoz) that: "The fighters of the international coalition targeted a military headquarters for Daesh in the area of ​​agrarian reform, west of Mosul, killing and regulation on the West Bank in Mosul, called (Abu Hafsa Daoudi), and the official war organization called ( Zark safe), nicknamed (swordfish), as well as seven other leaders in the organization of Syrian nationality. "

Saleh pointed out that: "The organization handed over the dead bodies of the Centre for Forensic Medicine in Mosul."