Parliament and the Committee will hold its "Khawr Abd Allah," and question the oil minister on the agenda

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - February 23
: said a parliamentary source early, on Thursday, holding the House of Representatives its regular, headed by Salim al-Jubouri, to vote on the formation of the interim parliamentary commission on the port (the Khawr Abd Allah) and directing an oral question addressed to the Minister of Oil of MP Abdul Kahar al-Samarrai, head of the interrogation and the CMC by the MP Hanan al. "
The source added, " The agenda includes a discussion of the Health and Environment Committee 's report on radioactive contamination in the slaughter area and thirst (Pacific) market, and the vote on the formation of the interim parliamentary committee about the port ( the Khawr Abd Allah) with Kuwait, and the first reading of the proposed first amendment to the Law of Political Parties Law political No. 36 of 2015, in addition to the first reading of the bill abolishing the dissolved Revolutionary command Council resolution No. 1631 of 1980 Act " , " adding, " The session will also include a report and discussion of the draft provincial elections and district councils law, and report quarterly activity of the integrity Commission." A ended. H