Storming Mosul airport details .. US armored vehicles accompanied by Iraqi forces under air cover

Nineveh-Iraq Press -23 February
: Iraqi forces began Thursday, with air support from fighter jets and other march attack on Mosul airport in a major step to target Daesh strongholds in the western side of the city.
And he headed the hordes of troops, including the federal police and rapid response of the Interior Ministry about the abandoned airport is now located to the south of the city of Mosul, and still under the control of the organization Daesh.

Iraqi forces fired mortar shells, while the helicopters and other fighter cleared the way for the advancing forces.

US-led coalition forces and play a key role in supporting the Iraqi forces through air strikes and advisers on the ground, while US forces advancing mechanisms armored alongside Iraqi troops toward the airport.

Brigadier General Abbas al-Jubouri of the rapid reaction forces, which have become about one kilometer from the airport, "we will get to it today, God willing," in reference to the Mosul airport.

The Thursday attack in the context of the process launched by the Iraqi forces on Sunday to regain control of the western side of the city of Mosul, the second largest city and the last bastions of Daesh in Iraq.

Iraqi forces continue to tighten the noose on the airport four days ago, and did not yet know the number of elements Daesh to defend their positions within it, but US officials pointed to the presence of 2,000 troops in Mosul now.

It is expected that the Iraqi forces, which is preparing more than one axis, broke into the western side of Mosul over the next few days.

Announced the General Command of the Armed Forces last month's full control over the eastern side of Mosul, restore, within the framework of a broad battle began in October 17 Daesh to drive out of the city.

Exodus west of Mosul

It was reported the flight of hundreds of civilians from their homes on the outskirts of the western city of Mosul in the first reports of displacement since the start of the campaign for control of the rest of the Daesh stronghold in the city earlier this week.

The World Food Program of the United Nations earlier, its deep concern for the 750 thousand people from the besieged western city of Mosul.

Federal Police was quoted around 200 women and children on buses, on Wednesday, to the town of Hamam al-Alil, about 20 kilometers south of Mosul, where he held camps. Ended (1)