Consent to the assignment of the provinces and regions to service contracts and collection of the energy sector to provide electricity 24 hours

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

presided over the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Thursday a meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Energy.

A statement by the prime minister and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that "the Committee continued to discuss the service contracts and collection for the power sector to provide electricity 24 hours for citizens, where was approved to refer a number of other provinces and regions in the capital and to discuss the completion of the assignment of the rest of the provinces."

"It was also agreed to hold an expanded workshop of specialists in the Ministry of Water Resources and Agriculture and the governor of Basra and the Council maintaining well as drawing on international expertise to discuss the Shatt al-Arab Allarroaii associated irrigation canal in Basra and Options proposed cutting the embankment."

The statement continued, "and has been approved to approve the funding of the Ministry of Finance to raise deposits and clearance work for the helm of Ramadi and Fallujah and Channel uniform in addition to the necessary financing to complete the work on control of the flower of the Nile, reaching control them by up to 95 percent and the remaining 5 percent, and directed the Ministry of Oil to provide the ministry with fuel-term for this purpose." .

He explained, "It was also a discussion of power stations investment projects and review the guidelines and the previous decisions and other topics on the agenda," .anthy