Banking stocks soar Iraq Stock Exchange at the close

February 23, 2017 18:10

Direct: general index of the Stock Exchange of Iraq has risen 0.1% in the end of trading on Thursday, close at the point at 724.26, 0.69 points winner, compared to the levels of a closing session on Wednesday .

And influenced the index's performance, up 8 shares, including four banks issued by the high North Bank by 9.09%, followed by the United Bank a rise of 2.56%, the commercial and the Gulf Bank 1.89%, also stepped up the globe for real estate investments, and the Iraqi Investment Bank 1.65% and 1.49% on respectively.

In contrast, 13 stocks fell, led by Economy Bank for Investment and Finance 5.08%, followed by Canada's share of the production of veterinary vaccines, modern sewing 3.21% and 2.78% respectively.

And reduced trading volumes today to 596.05 million shares compared with 1.59 billion shares the previous session, as liquidity fell to 547.85 million dinars, compared with 1.53 billion dinars a hearing on Wednesday.

North Bank issued trading day volume B125.23 million shares, while the Iraqi issue shares for carpets and upholstery values ​​liquidity of $ 110.69 million dinars.

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Source: Mubasher