The House of representatives congratulating read bills and postpone questioning the Chief Media

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Finish the regular meeting of representatives chaired by Salim Al-Juburi, head of the Council in the presence of 219 deputies Thursday, the first reading of two laws, the Chief questioning postponed media and communications [purely religion spring].

At the outset of the hearing the Attorney read abdulkahar Samurai WINS Iraqi army alive statement to free lands of defile the regulate terrorist ISIS expressing pride in the martyrs of Iraq, including the martyr Lieutenant Abu Bakr Abbas Samurai who triumphed over his forehead, his oppressor so proud, to terrify them, noting that despite difficult circumstances only samurai continue martyr dad duties on border guards and refused to leave until he was kidnapped and his throat when in the Nukhayb.

A statement was also made by Mohamed Naji mp when consuming the martyrdom of Abu Taha Nazarene's 10th Brigade in the popular crowd in the fighting against terrorism, emphasizing the continuing sacrifice for Iraq.

And Congress voted to approve the President's proposal Jabouri nominate 6 members of the committees on foreign relations and legal services, in addition to the three deputies representing the province of Basra to the temporary Parliamentary Committee membership about cross Creek channel d Allah after that proposal was rejected 29-Member Committee.

The Board completed the first reading of the proposal of the first amendment to the political parties Act No 36 of 201 from legal and civil society committees in order to make room for a bigger slice of the community to participate in politics and personal expression of the principle of punishment and to ensure the equitable distribution of the subsidy granted by the State to political parties and to preserve the independence of the independent High Electoral Commission.

For his part, the speaker of the House of representatives of civil society institutions and legal committees for the taking into account of observations and proposals on the proposed law before the second reading.

The Board concluded the first reading of a bill abolishing the dissolved Revolution Command Council resolution number [1631] of 1980 and legal Committee.

In about another President Jabouri upon approval by Deputy Hanan's PM requesting questioning purely religion spring head of communications and Media Commission postpone the interrogation session Thursday in absentia March 9 because he didn't show up to a hearing today in order to maintain the Council's actions and not to appeal, confirming the eligibility of direct Council to exempt any Executive in the event of non-attendance of the interrogation session.

After it's PM requesting Vice began questioning asking questions for questioning, inquiring about the reasons for not providing any official to hold a license for mobile phone companies in 2007 even though tax claim to deliver a copy of the reasons for non-payment of the three companies for mobile phone licences amounts amounting to more than a billion dollars and tax proceedings and delay fines by companies since 2007.

Councilwoman's PM tenderness expressed no objection to the proposals of some lawmakers postponing the interrogation process, noting that the absence of questioned about the meeting that will be selected will make guilty.

Prior to the decision to postpone questioning House speaker confirmed receipt Book Council Presidency of CMC indicates that the President goes through a health crisis forced to travel outside Iraq and had surgery and still lying in the hospital now and ready to attend questioning if he recovered and returned to the country.

He said that the questioning is being questioned are entitled to trial to defend himself and could be made in absentia, explaining that the Presidency Council had made inquiries to the Federal Court not to attend the interrogator and fill his interrogator proxy without being voted on in the Council.

For its part confirmed Deputy Hanan's PM that was legal to book the sender of communications and Media Commission of being linked to the House of representatives and any vacation to chair is made with the consent of the speaker of the House of representatives indicating formal aspects relating to communications and Media Commission book.

Turn between turhan Mufti premier communications and Media Commission Chief is undergoing an emergency condition, suggesting a postponement of the interrogation session of the Commission with all the necessary documents brought to prove his illness if attending to a new interrogation, pointing out that the Chairman of the media and communications agency, is General Manager of degree.

Then the health and Environment Committee decided to cancel the read report on radioactive pollution in the crumb and thirst [Pacific market], after the executive authorities address pollution.

And regarding the oral question from Deputy oil Minister kohar Samurai allaibi Council Chief dictator of the oil Minister sent letters to the House apologized for coming to him for oral question relates to energy Committee meeting, noting that a new, definitive date will be set and the oil Minister, commitment to attend.

The Council began reading the report and discuss the provincial elections draft law and legal committees of the districts and regions and provinces in the region to be completed on Saturday.

In a strange house Deputy Riad interventions that District Councils have become superfluous loops in the provinces which require resolution in the absence of the possibility of a constitutionally abolished, calling to be a member of the provincial Council must hold a Bachelor's degree.

Noted Attorney Ammar tastes to the importance of providing opportunities for emerging political forces to enter the decision and sources contributing to undertake reform and change and work to ensure that the distribution of seats according to a system of equal opportunities to the participants.

Attorney drew Niyazi oglu to reduce electronic posting