Abadi envoy meets with Merkel, Germany's support for economic reforms in Iraq

Politician Number of Views: 27 02/22/2017 16:44
Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with the envoy of German Chancellor for economic and financial reform of the German government's support for Iraq in the field of economic reforms.
A statement by the Office of Abadi , that "al - Abadi, received in his office on Wednesday, envoy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel for economic and financial reform Eckhard Preveza and his entourage."

" It was discussed during the meeting the German government 's support for Iraq in the field of economic reforms and stabilize the areas and projects of reform in all the provinces."

He said the German envoy , according to the statement , "his government 's support for Iraq in all fields K and are keen to provide all what would the continuation of the reform process in Iraq."

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