Dawa Party: reject the abolition of the de-Baathification law
Last updated: February 22, 2017
- 15:28
Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed head of the parliamentary bloc behind the call Abdul Samad , Wednesday, for the presence of voices calling for the abolition of the de - law Bat.oukal Abdul Samad at a press conference today: " The institutions of the prisoners and martyrs , was established in accordance with the transitional justice" He pointed Prime mass, that there are voices calling for the abolition of the de - Baathification law and the Dawa Party Shiite alliance rejects it, adding there are also hidden hands stand in the former regime victims of the martyrs and prisoners* *Abdul Samad the need to "be the government's level of responsibility It is said that the Committee of martyrs and parliamentary prisoners Aanlt, for the Ministry of Finance to challenge the law Bretton martyrs and Alsjnae.ivkr that the institution of political prisoners alone decimated the state budget* *because of the number of beneficiaries of them ,who arrived about 3 million prisoners politician here wondering a lot* *a reasonable 3 million prisoners Shiite politician from the components of the alliance during the former regime* https://translate.google.com/translat...&sl=auto&tl=en