Prevent the import of what could be produced locally

2/23/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning
in a move that aims to reform the economic process , the government decided to ban the import of what can be manufactured or industry within Alarac.jae after the Committee on Economic Affairs , which held its sixth meeting , chaired by the Minister of Planning meeting, Salman al - Jumaili Chairman of the Committee and the membership of ministers of oil, finance, industry and minerals, The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and the head of the national economic investment to the Prime Minister, agents and Ministries of planning, trade and industry and minerals. "

The statement of the Ministry of planning received" morning , a copy of it, that the committee decided to "oblige the Ministry of Health to buy all of their medications and medical supplies of the General Company for the manufacture of medicines and supplies Medical. The statement pointed to oblige the Ministry of Finance not to finance any contract for the import of materials or devices made from abroad if they manufactured inside Iraq, as well as the General Company for construction Industries creation of laboratories for the production of pipes, as the Commission has committed the Ministry of Electricity to buy all their needs , from Diyala company public Ur " .

He continued , "The meeting discussed a number of topics, files and has taken many decisions of an economic and financial nature, which would move the wheel of the Iraqi economy has been directed Ministries (Planning and Industry and Minerals and internal) on the prevention of the entry of plastic pipe products and violating Iraqi specifications multiple."

For his part, economic researcher Firas Amer to prevent the import of what can industry locally will enhance the support of the private sector jobs, pointing out that this measure would also provide a lot of money can be re - employed in other economic areas.

He added Amer in an interview for the "morning" that the local market after the move will see an opportunity for the development and the emergence of the local product , which has good specifications, calling to give dealers time to introduce imported wares before the date of issuance of this decision to the fact that it would maintain the stability of prices and the lack of price hikes prohibited materials from import.