Parliamentary Immigration: monitoring a large corruption amounts granted to the provinces to balance previous years
14:06 pm (Baghdad time)
Special scales News
Committee announced Displacement and Migration in the House of Representatives, on Wednesday, for monitoring large amounts of corruption granted to the provinces to balance previous years.
He said committee member Nahla Alhbabi, L / balance News /, "It is through the follow-up committee for the work of the Department of Immigration observed provinces receiving billions of payments without the presence of any application of them on the ground, in the budget of the years 2014, 2015 and 2016".
She Alhbabi, that "some provinces projects implemented by organizations, local governments are taking the receipts from those organizations working settlement within the ministry that she received allocated to these projects amounts despite its failure to implement it."
The member of the committee, noted that "this indicates the presence of significant corruption in the disbursement of funds by the provincial administration," Mrdvh "So we asked to be a settlement through statements" .