Former Central Bank governor reveals shocking information about the huge money looted by al-Maliki
arabic February 21, 2017
Revealed by former central bank governor Sinan al - Shabibi, Tuesday, for the shocking information on the huge funds looted by former Prime Minister, Vice President of the Republic of Iraq, Nouri al - Maliki during the eight - year rule in Iraq.

Shabibi said in a press statement, followed up (Basenyoz), " The money received by al - Maliki, was enough to build a new home can accommodate for 30 million people."

He added that "al - Maliki appointed four members of his ruling party big positions within the central bank . They are not the specialists so that the bank affected and took random spread widely, and they are : Director - money laundering department, the director of the legal department, and director of the bank control, and Director of the Economic Department."

Shabibi said that "when I decided to change from Maliki appointed by members of his own party , I received a letter from Prime Minister prevents the removal of these corrupt included a veiled threat between the lines , " pointing out that "when it expelled the first elements of the corrupt gang is mad al - Maliki."

Following this, al - Maliki by his partner and friend , former Chief Justice Medhat al - Mahmoud issued an arrest in Switzerland when I lecture about the new monetary policy within the international symposium for the International Monetary Fund, according to Hbibi.

He pointed out that "corruption was rife within the central bank by Maliki colleagues in the party", and that "money laundering department allocates money laundering Iraq in favor of the ruling party dealers, director of the legal department gloss upon the Director."

Shabibi He continued that " the banks took control director sold dollars to private banks associated with al - Maliki, in amounts less than the market what to make Iraq lose millions of dollars a day because of this corruption and the smuggling of the government 's budget to the overseas funds in favor of al - Maliki and his followers."

He pointed out that "al - Maliki called on the Keywords eye, central bank governor to spoil all the Iraqi state and reserves of $ 67 billion in the last days of his dominance on the government to hand over power to Haider Abadi , a budget and an empty reserve ravished."

He added the former governor of the Central Bank of Iraq , saying: "al - Maliki had plunged Iraq into a major financial crisis can not recover from a decade later , even if oil prices improved today."

Shabibi stressed that "al - Maliki received more money than all the rulers of the Republic of Iraq together starting from Abdel - Karim Kassem to Saddam Hussein, was being investigated by any noteworthy accomplishment for the Iraqi people and the homeland," he said.