Abadi: we refuse to engage in the policy of axes and the presence of foreign forces in Mosul

02/22/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 866 - Issue (3859)

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Denied Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, yesterday, and the presence of foreign forces fighting in the battle to liberate the right side of the city of Mosul, stressing that foreign troops functions are limited to providing logistical support for the Iraqi pieces.

He said al-Abadi, during a press conference and I followed (range), that "to edit the right coast of the connector process was delayed for one day what was scheduled due to bad weather, despite the fact that Iraqi forces were ready to enter the battle for nine days before the start of those operations." "The organization Daesh surprised Hour starting right battle."

In terms of international relations, the prime minister stressed that "Iraq does not want to be part of the policy of axes that follow sometimes hostile policy", stressing that "Iraq is very keen to establish balanced relations based on common interests."

And on the Iraqi participation in the Munich conference, the Prime Minister said, "with more than 20 to meet with a number of world leaders, including officials in the international coalition, where many of the files and basic issues concerning the Iraqi issue put forward, including the re-displaced people to their areas liberated and reconstruction of those areas as well as how to eliminate Daesh in Syria after a ride of it in Iraq. "

In the economic file, Abadi pointed out that "oil prices are still below the level required to have witnessed the rise over the past months, the size of the budget deficit, can not be reduced at those prices," expected "and the arrival of oil prices to $ 60 per barrel during 2019." .

On the visit of the Russian president's envoy to Baghdad, the prime minister said "there is a big Russian's desire to expand cooperation with Iraq in the establishment of giant projects in more than one field, including gas storage projects in western Anbar."