Parliamentary oil suggest the presence of 300 billion barrels of undiscovered


Tuesday 21 February 2017 | 20:03

BAGHDAD / .. said the oil profanity by Mehdi al-Hafez, Tuesday, that there is a plan of action will begin to explore more than 300 billion barrels of oil, Iraq added to the reserve.

He said Hafiz, for "eye Iraq News," that "the wells were previously covered now been discovered and added to the old number from the reserve wells, now totaling 135 billion barrels of oil," he said. "This natural way to increase the oil reserves in Iraq, and we have hundreds of wells a lot of them still covered. "

He added that "there are wells will discover in the coming time, some projections indicate that there are more than 300 billion barrels in the Iraqi land yet to be discovered, and if verifiable and Getting Started".

The oil minister Jabbar Luaibi, had announced last week, the high volume of oil reserves for the country to 153 billion barrels, and expected high volume of reserves in the coming period due to new oil exploration. It ended 6