Baghdad Investment News of the economy: 50% of investment projects in Iraq were carried out in Baghdad

Reconstruction and rebuilding

Economy News / Private Investment Commission of Baghdad of the economy News revealed that 50% of the investment projects in Iraq were carried out in Alasamh Baghdad, demanding more support to the investor. The head of the body in an interview for "Economy News", the Baghdad Investment Authority made the rest of the investment authorities in the provinces of Iraq being carried out the largest possible number of investment projects Alyard reality. Zamili, adding that 50% of the total projects implemented in the whole of Iraq carried out in the capital from various sectors, whether residential or tourism or health and other Maaakd and the progress of work in the body. Zamili and confirmed that all amounts funded projects are from the private sector and not the government any where the demands of the fact that I came there more facilities to investors and not to put obstacles in front of them.